Strange social media memes…

some pictures posted on social media are jut strange, You may end up laughing loudly at midnight when it’s dead silent and everyone is asleep. have a look… B0YTMEhCEAA0IuP B1BqbU5IUAIxHHI BvT19IeCUAIPQPn BvUMzeoCMAE1UlN BxBfidIIYAA0Dci BxfkU4QIIAA9Oau ByDmF8cIUAAaA-q ByUFO2LCEAAJCnS ByUMCFYCYAA3gew


Footballers and sportsmen sometimes get into positions which when captured on camera, can leave you wondering how, why and when did they do this. The KOT refer the ‘poses’ as Uchomoki…. Have a look…



B_E4ycvWsAAGWs6.jpg large


The Social Media A,B,C..

The first days online, especially on twitter are very hectic. Slogans, harsh tags, trends and abbreviations are all a new thing. Most end up saying;” Twitter is Not Cool at all”, all because they can’t fathom a thing on “The Streets”.

I don’t really understand what makes it difficult, all because it’s pretty easy to me. But abbreviations are the most hectic and confusing. Here is a list of the most commonly used.

KOT: Kenyans on Twitter

MKZ: Mukuru Kwa Zuckerberk (Facebook)

Tweef: A twitter beef or grudge.

Troll: To Tweet negative things about someone or something

TT: Trending Topic

RT: Retweet

LRT : Last Retweet

LOL; Laughing Out Loud

ROFL: Rolling On The Floor laughing

LMAO; laughing My Ass Out

LMFAO: Laughing my F…ing Ass Out

SMH: Shaking My Head (To something stupid)

SMFH; Shaking My Fucking Head (disbelief)

SMDH: Shaking My Damn Head (Express disappointment)

WTF: What the Fuck

STFU: Shut the Fuck Off

OMG: Ooh My God

OMFG: Ooh My ‘F…ing’ God

NOMB: None of My Business

NOMFB: None of My F…ing Business

IKR: I know, Right?

IDK: I don’t know

TSK: a term depicting annoyance towards something or someone.

BAE; Before Anyone Else

MCM; Man Crush Monday

WCW; Woman Crush Wednesday

MVP; Most valuable Player

There you go! Just a part of the most commonly used abbreviations and terms. A will keep updating as more crop up.



A caption is a short note written on or beneath a picture, cartoon or an illustration. In the social media, especially on instagram, its vital. But internet sometimes take them too far. Either to troll, get the likes as in Instagram or Retweets on Twitter.

Here are some hilarious Trolls I have encountered…


Zero chills
say no more

Next time you upload a photo, please mind what the internet junkies might write as its caption